3 Levels of Expertise

When you choose IPC Private Wealth, you benefit from three levels of expertise.

Level 1: Our Team
We focus on developing a deep understanding of your investment needs, your financial goals, and your personal preferences. This understanding is essential to creating a portfolio that truly reflects you as an investor. Over time, of course, your circumstances and needs are likely to change. By being aware of these developments, we can adjust your portfolio so that it stays in step with your evolving wealth management needs.
Level 2: IPC Private Wealth Portfolio Management Team
Based on your identified goals and preferences, we will work with the IPC Private Wealth Portfolio Management Team to recommend the portfolio that’s right for you. This team also selects and monitors the investment specialists who are responsible for your portfolio on a day-to-day basis. On a regular basis, the Portfolio Management Team will re-evaluate the design and structure of IPC Private Wealth portfolios, assessing them for optimal asset allocation and monitoring capital gains and losses for potential tax-management strategies.
Level 3: Investment Specialists
Our seasoned investment specialists are responsible for the day-to-day management of your portfolio and are experts in their dedicated investment mandate. Following the structure established by the Portfolio Management Team, the investment specialists will make buy and sell decisions to help ensure that your portfolio meets its stated mandate and fulfills performance expectations.