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Supporting the communities within which we work


At IPC, we built IPC Cares to bring together the various efforts we make towards enhancing the communities within which we operate. By adopting causes that are close to our hearts, we keep ourselves committed and accountable.

Last year alone, as a company, we supported the aid efforts on the Fort McMurray fires, palliative care through The Healing Cycle Foundation and women and children through The Salvation Army.

Perhaps the most significant effort we undertake, and one that we believe is representative of the kind of work that inspires and keeps us committed to our CSR efforts, is the community development project in Honduras with The Carpenteros & Friends. Last year’s project involved a group of IPC staff and Advisors volunteering their time and energy on the ground. Very little is as inspiring and rewarding as living the lives of the people you’re helping, and every one of the people who took the journey came back a changed person, even more determined to stay committed to making a difference in the world!

We also made countless small but significant contributions of our time and resources within our communities through many grassroots charities we believe in, and the ripple effect of their efforts are always rewarding.


“Helping People Help Themselves” is the motto of The Niagara Warehouse of Hope, which we are proud to support. This organization is committed to improving the standard of living of those in desolate countries by shipping useful surplus from medical centers, schools, construction companies and individuals. The goal is to improve the world in their small way as best as they know how. Projects taken on by the time, talents and ideas of the volunteers are located in places like Guatemala, African villages and Dominican Republic for needs of education, food and hospitals. 


In order to aid the development to of underserved locations, we donate to the mission of Wells of Hope. This charitable organization has commitment of helping the poor in Guatemala to attain the basic necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare. The Fresh Water Program removes the risk of bacteria, parasite filled water or lack of water and improves the health of the community so that doors can opened to a better future.  The Wells of Hope literacy program for primary levels allows for greater knowledge of hygiene and safe drinking water, better paying jobs and many more benefits. Medical and dental support is provided by Southern Ontario doctors on a volunteer basis for those who cannot afford medical attention. By Wells of Hope support, trusting relationships have developed that enabled communities to create adult education programs. 


The Upper Deck Youth Centre is a drop-in center for the youth in grades 6-12 that we contribute to through fund raising events. Youth of Vineland can meet friends and adult mentors who are willing to listen and offer friendship, encouragement and advice.  This provides an opportunity for Upper Deck Youth Centre to help youth develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually through programs and establishing trusting relationships. This is to help young people throughout Southern Ontario attain their full life potential, caring and loving their whole person and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 


Participating in the regular fund raising, such as Spring Auction and the fall Apple fest at Beacon Christian School, we were able to help lower the cost of Christian education and donate food for Community care. The mission of Beacon Christian School is not only to train students in research based education practices, but with Christ-centered fundamentals, the foundation for their curriculum. They are focused on building the community around them by reflection the image of Christ in their daily life.